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This is a brief translation of my website which is written in German.

My name is Rudolf Oswald, I am a Swiss Social Worker who specializes in counseling fathers who have been forced by their ex-partners to live apart from their children. This service is free of charge.

Partners who experience such violent separations suffer from severe emotional abuse which is grossly misunderstood and generally ignored by the state. My goal is to reach affected who suffer from this type of emotional abuse. The latest international studies prove that heterosexual relationships, which are in the separation stage, are too often over-shadowed by the type of emotional violence that can quickly change to physical abuse.

Deadbeat partners are a very small, minuscule minority and not representative of all men, just as deadbeat mothers are not representative of all mothers or women. However, I hear incessantly about deadbeat or violent fathers and men, while feminist activists and the feminist-dominated media sweep the issue of deadbeat mothers and far greater numbers of violent women in all cases of domestic violence (esp. when it comes to violence against children) under the carpet.

The images we associate with domestic violence depict the male as batterer and the female as victim. Yet, despite the critical importance of first acknowledging and then eradicating the male abuse of women, an equally important but untold story remains. Women can be batterers. Men can be victims. At similar rates! However, despite the wealth and diversity of the sociological research which has been done over the last decades and the consistency of the findings, female violence is not recognized within the extensive legal literature on domestic violence. Instead, the literature consistently suggests that only men commit domestic violence. Either explicitly, or more often implicitly, through the failure to address the subject in any objective manner, female violence is denied, defended and minimized. (See Linda Kelly, Professor of Law, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis - Disabusing the definition of domestic abuse: How women batter men and the role of the feminist state).

The purpose of my site is twofold:

A - To reach affected partners who may not otherwise be able to get help when they need it.A crisis is rarely convenient, usually unexpected, and frequently traumatic. My goal is to help them as much as possible & as quickly as possible.

B - To provide access to the latest scientific research results about violence to fathers, social workers as well as the press, radio and TV.

Anybody who is willing to share their experiences as well as their knowledge and interest should feel free to contact me. Please bear in mind that, although I observe privacy and confidentiality as set forth in Swiss Law, there is nothing about the Internet that guarantees either.

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